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According to our church bylaws, approved December 9, 2001, we have assented to the following statements of faith, both of which are testimonies to faith rather than creeds. The first paragraph is the Church Covenant of the Standish Congregational Church; the remainder is our denominational statement of faith, to which all churches in The United Church of Christ (UCC) subscribe.

We covenant with God, and with one another, to walk together as followers of Jesus Christ, trusting in the Holy Spirit to guide us as we devote ourselves to the study, the practice and the spread of Christianity. We endeavor to be loyal to this fellowship and to help and pray for one another in the Christian life. According to our abilities and opportunities, we give support for the work, attend the meetings of this church and share in the common worship of God. We pray for understanding of what God wants this church to be.

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Welcome to
Standish Congregational Church!

The members of Standish Congregational Church welcome all persons, from all backgrounds, to join us in worship, spiritual growth, community service, and joyful fellowship! 
Located near the crossroads of Routes 25 and 35 in historic Standish village, the Standish Congregational Church also stands at the crossroads between the past and the future. Our worship history reaches back over 150 years, and we embrace the rich Congregationalist tradition of New England. The past met the future for us when in the spring of 2004 our original church building was destroyed by fire, and now our story continues in a state-of-the-art facility on the site of the original 1834 structure.
We invite you to come worship with us, whether young or old, families and singles, retirees and professionals. Affiliated with the United Church of Christ for our national denominational identity, our Sunday morning service is centered on fellowship, focused on community, and rooted in the Scriptures. To encourage those with young children, we offer a nursery during worship. School-age children enjoy a structured Sunday School while the adults are in church. Our music ministry enhances our services thanks to our gifted musical director, and a dedicated volunteer choir.
Finally, our involvement in the community doesn’t stop after Sunday worship. Our building houses the Standish Connection food pantry, and serves as a meeting place for Weight Watchers, Scout troops, and even a line dancing group! The congregation holds periodic pot luck suppers, and events such as the apple fritter booth at the Cornish Apple Festival in September, and the Village Square Fair in November, round out our annual calendar.
We sincerely hope you will join us as we add to the rich history of Standish Congregational Church.
Sunday morning worship service: 9:30 AM
Refreshments and Fellowship time following worship
Nursery and Sunday school concurrent with service
Pastor: Rev. Dr. Cynthia B. Biggar
Phone: 642-3386


May 2015 news
May 20, 2015

September 21, 2014

from the Pastor, May 2015


At most of our meetings and events at church we share joys and concerns, both to check-in with one another and to create an opening or closing prayer that I say on behalf of the whole group.  Last Thursday at the Caring Connection meeting, I shared what is both a joy and a concern for me as your pastor, and possibly also for you, the congregation:  my Sabbatical.  Indeed, I have multiple joys and concerns as I prepare to go on Sabbatical.  I would like to take this opportunity to share some of these with you, as they may resonate with your own:


From the Pastor, April 2015


The Vernal Equinox occurred late last Friday evening, March 20.  On Easter Sunday, April 5, we will joyfully celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whatever the weather.  (For our schedule of Holy Week and Easter services, see inside).  From conversations with several of you, I know that I am not alone in feeling challenged by March in Maine.  I also know that I am not the only one comforted (or at least distracted from the weather) by March Madness--in my case that lasts as long as the Tar Heels stay in the game. 












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